Where it all started

A community of entrepreneurs was founded when great ideas met a great space and even better people. Launch Louisville was born from the ruins of an old theater and retired bottling facility. Today, our members are turning this space from a possibility to a reality. 

In Summer 2018, Walter Zausch found a space for his small startup, located in an old theater on East Broadway and fell in love with it. Dreaming of what was possible, and what Louisville needed, he invited some like-minded individuals to a meeting to discuss possibilities and interest in forming an entrepreneurial community.


Not only was there interest, but a half-dozen individuals stepped forth to get Launch Louisville going. Along with the enthusiastic support of the building's owners, Launch Louisville was born.

We had a long, cold winter in 2018/19, learning a lot about the HVAC and other quirks of a 100+ year old building. We worked out the kinks, and momentum is increasing.

In addition to an amazing historic space, Launch Louisville's secret is the community of people that are now members. As we continue to grow, it will surely always be about the people.